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Miami Dolphins ‘Training Camp Conversation’ hosted by Soprema and America Service Industries

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Aventura Marketing Council members recently huddled for a Miami Dolphins “training camp conversation” featuring Dolphins Strength and Conditioning Coach Darren Krein and NFL alumni Marq Cerqua to tackle topics involving how players are being trained for NFL success.

Soprema, a roofing and waterproofing manufacturer, teamed up with America Service Industries (ASI), providing professional janitorial and maintenance services, to host the AMC Chairman’s Roundtable luncheon at the Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach. Kicking off the event, AMC Chair Cliff Schulman of Weiss, Serota, Helfman, joined by Soprema regional manager Carl Kuhn and ASI president Lewis Rossi, expressed appreciation to MVP’s who helped coordinate the program: Brian Levy, CEO of Goal Line Football; and Floyd Raglin, CEO of Floyd Sports Marketing.

Levy, a sports agent for over 25 years representing NFL and college coaches as well as NFL players, helped Coach Krein and Cerqua field questions about what it takes to become a future NFL star.
“Today, kids have a better understanding of the importance of working out and taking care of themselves – they want to be involved in competitive sports and have the chance to beat benchmark records,” said Krein, likening team sports to win-win workplace environments, where collaborative efforts help ideas evolve and businesses grow.

Cerqua, formerly a linebacker for NFL teams, agreed the new generation of players is growing stronger and faster. “Beyond genetics, kids are being trained and coached starting at an early age, and there’s often a big push from parents who see a future for them in pro sports. I’m happy to see there’s more focus on ‘character’ because at the end of the day, athleticism is wasted if you can’t depend on someone who wants to go ‘above and beyond’ to work hard and get the job done.”

Before the two-minute warning, Coach Krein shared inside information about potential breakout Dolphins players including Lamar Miller, Charles Clay and Olivier Vernon, emphasizing, “We’re looking for guys with the right mindset who are humble, want to be leaders, are focused on athleticism and go the extra mile – always striving to be better.”

Soprema is a world-wide leading manufacturer in the commercial roofing and waterproofing industry. In the U.S., Soprema has evolved into a true “building envelope” company, featuring products such as below-grade waterproofing solutions, liquid applied waterproofing systems, self- adhered underlayments, air barrier, vapor barrier, garden roofs and renewable energy solutions.

America Service Industries has been creating a more beautiful world for over 43 years, providing the very best janitorial and maintenance services, while focusing on quality performance, accountability and an uncompromising commitment to excellence. ASI’s skilled team of professionals constantly monitor and inspect their work to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. ASI clients include condo associations, banks, office buildings, medical facilities, schools and “everything that needs to be cleaned.”

For more information on Soprema, phone (800) 356-3521 or visit soprema.com. For more information on America Service Industries, phone: 305-821-3169 or visit asiflorida.com.