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Aventura Tennis Guys

Contributed by The Honorable Bob Diamond


According to medical experts, exercising regularly, maintaining social relationships and engaging the mind, leads to a longer, healthier life. Our group of forty men, known as “The Aventura Tennis Guys,” fits the criteria. Together for over 25 years, with an average age about 75, we play tennis together in the early morning (currently at the Diplomat Country Club), then breakfast together, socialize and annually, a black tie dinner led by Sy Schachner. The glue that keeps us together is Bob Novick, affectionately known as our “Beloved Dictator.” Continue reading


Aventura Marketing Council celebrates success of 3rd annual YOUNG STARS SHOWCASE

young star showcase

Yessiree! Those stars were shining on Sunday, December 2nd at the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center (AACC) when ten amazingly talented young singers took the stage! The youngsters, ranging in age from 9 to 18 years old, had been rehearsing with Creative Director Ran Oz (CooLAM Productions) for months and now were ready to sing their hearts out for the full-house audience. Kudos to Ran….the talent of a superstar… Continue reading

Youngest AMC Member

Youngest member of the Aventura Marketing Council…….3 year-old Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen

Talk about starting them early! AMC member Yoav Cohen (Genesis Media) was so pleased with his membership in the Aventura Marketing Council that he decided to invest in a membership for his 3 year-old son, Ben. “Ben has already been around the world and is very astute for his age. He loves accompanying me on business trips, so this was a natural!” said Yoav.

So does that mean that Ben, dressed in his suit and tie, will be attending AMC meetings? “I just may take him to one or two meetings! I believe parents have a responsibility to not only introduce their children to our world of new technology, but to also understand the importance of meeting people –face-to-face—and developing a personal working relationship, ” noted Yoav.

With Ben’s membership, the AMC can now say that “…..we have members from age 3 to 90!”. Ben is a pre-schooler at Hochberg Preparatory School at Beth Torah, and is about to begin piano lessons. Dr. Linda Marks, Director of the school, said, “Ben, the youngest child in his classroom, is already exhibiting natural leadership skills. At Hochberg Preparatory School, we work to develop all of the strengths of a child like Ben. Because he is dynamic, bright and inquisitive, we look forward to watching him through his school years, and beyond, as he grows into a dynamic young adult!’