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Blogs make the right connections

Lexi, Commissioner Teri Holzberg’s granddaughter, recently wrote a blog about GAP…GAP saw it, contacted her and she is now their model! This is another great example of how blogs make the right connections. Let’s show Lexi a grand AMC congrats and all visit her blog Glitter and Pearls, it’s a great place for fashion, style, and all things fun.

Here’s a excerpt from her Gap blog…
The New Gap Women’s Skimmer


Jeans are fairly new to me. I know that sounds really weird, but I’ve always been a girl who fell for dresses and skirts easily. But jeans were a different story. Lately, though, I’ve been trying to break out of my mold and venture into the world of denim. And I am in love with the new Gap Women’s Skimmer jeans. (Thanks, Gap!) The skimmer ankle length is great for a shorty like myself and all of the patterns and prints are perfect for Spring. I’m also loving the slimming crop effect and sturdy construction (good for a girl with a bum … ahem … me.) Though I’m not quite a daily denim girl, mostly because I still see getting dressed in the morning as playing actual dress up, the new Skimmers are so easily dressed-up and the length makes them perfect for heels (a dressy girl’s dream) and adorable with flats. I’m hooked.