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Aventura Tennis Guys

Contributed by The Honorable Bob Diamond


According to medical experts, exercising regularly, maintaining social relationships and engaging the mind, leads to a longer, healthier life. Our group of forty men, known as “The Aventura Tennis Guys,” fits the criteria. Together for over 25 years, with an average age about 75, we play tennis together in the early morning (currently at the Diplomat Country Club), then breakfast together, socialize and annually, a black tie dinner led by Sy Schachner. The glue that keeps us together is Bob Novick, affectionately known as our “Beloved Dictator.” Continue reading

AMC Hispanic Committee



I am Fernando Levy Hara, Vice Chairman of the Aventura Marketing Council and Chairman of our Council’s newest committee: The Hispanic Committee. Last week we had our first meeting in my office at mckafka Development Group, in which Max Fleisher (SendOut Cards), Veronica Strauss (Mass Mutual), Gladys Mezrahi (Indigo Events), Martha Cavanna (Mercantil Bank) and Rosalie Schlaen (Morgan Stanley) were present.

You should have seen Elaine’s face during the meeting! We maintained it in English the whole time, but the “Latin flair” was very much present. We were all very enthusiastic, speaking loudly, interrupting each other and laughing a lot! Luckily we had Elaine to keep us in order and to direct our focus to what was at hand.

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2012 – An Exciting Year with AMC

Can it really be 2013? What happened to 2012?


It just seemed to fly by……..our Expo with over 80 exhibitors and 300 members in attendance…. our signature event this past December…our 3rd annual AT&T YOUNG STARS SHOWCASE presented by Northwestern Mutual/Laser Financial at the beautiful Aventura Arts & Cultural Center (who would have expected our amazing your singers to be accompanied by aerialists tumbling down from the ceiling on blue silk ropes!)……


or our monthly Breakfast Meetings, where our head tables were so large that sometimes we had to wrap them around the room…..or our evening networking receptions where we joined forces with other organizations, like our annual Hard Rock Café Talent Show-Down, or our monthly SpeedBiz, meetings where so much business was conducted that members were saying they didn’t need to go to any other group… or our award-winning Continue reading